Selling services: Are you ready?

When it comes to IT, it’s all about services. 

In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone in the IT industry claiming otherwise. 

Whether offering managed services that see you implementing, maintaining and supporting the hardware you sell; or Cloud and subscription based software as a move away from licensed based products; getting up close and personal with your customers is totally all the rage. 

Meet Mike. Mike is making it BIG in Services with Marathon

Mike is a Director at BURA MarkIT, a fast growing London-based reseller working exclusively with Marathon Professional Services.  What impact does the team at Marathon have on Mike’s Services business?  How does Mike make it BIG in Services?  We thought you might like to hear about it and find out if your business could benefit from being more like Mike! 

Your customers don’t just buy technology!

It’s surprising how many people often forget about selling managed services! Instead of relying on mystical powers, a down-to-earth sales conversation is, more than often, all that’s needed to generate additional margin.

According to 2018 research by the Technology Services Industry Association*, the average net-new revenue growth rate for managed services remains at a healthy 27%.  If Managed services are a key engine for driving profitable growth across the entire technology industry, how can you use it to improve your own revenue?