Cloud Computing

What does Cloud bring to your clients’ IT infrastructure?

Cloud computing enables resources to be shared and used more easily. The 3 types – public, private and hybrid – offer different benefits depending on the requirements of each of your clients. The ideal cloud strategy will meet the needs of your clients, enabling them to share and store resources securely, from different locations and to decrease downtime if hardware is affected.

What Difference Does A G-Cloud Certification Make?

What Difference Does A G-Cloud Certification Make?

Since its launch in 2012, over £900m worth of sales have taken place via the G-Cloud platform. The G-Cloud program was setup as an agreement between the government and suppliers who offer cloud-based facilities. This was done so that essential resources including the processing of high end applications and storage could be delivered via cloud. So far, both customer and supplier have found it to be an extremely useful tool. Here we explain the benefits of G-Cloud Certification and the difference that it makes.

The four main services that the G-Cloud framework offers are:

Blog Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Most resellers are viewed purely as suppliers of IT by their clients and therefore never attain close partnership status and have no influence or access to projects and initiatives that could drive more business. Becoming a Strategic partner for your clients will enable close and long-term relationships with senior decision making client management.

Software maintenance is an easy way to drive an initial Strategic discussion as this takes over 50% of IT’s time and is therefore an area where resellers can add strategic value immediately by driving efficiencies.

IT Security

Improve your client's in-house security with these 5 steps

Talk Talk is a name that has been making headlines in the last month – for all the wrong reasons. The recent cyber attack on the company’s website put customer data at risk and is thought to have cost Talk Talk in the region of £35 million. During the attack in October this year, up to four million customer details are thought to have been accessed by hackers who demanded a ransom for the return of the information, which included bank details and home addresses.