Is Cloud enabling IT Security?

Is Cloud enabling the next generation of IT Security?

Is the Cloud enabling the next generation of security for your customers? Marathon looks at the benefits of Security in the Cloud and if it will start to tick boxes for CISO’s looking for the next big thing.

We’ve seen it for some time now – the network perimeter has gone!  Cyber criminals are exploiting the trend toward employees going direct to the Internet, using public Wi-Fi networks to access cloud and mobile apps or to send and receive email. The cloud has gained customer momentum and shows no sign of stopping.  

Helping Charities with IT security gap

Bridging the Charity Sector Security Gap

How do we protect our charity customers from fraud and cyber crime?  Like any other sector, charities are not immune to criminal abuse from fraudsters. Fraud poses a serious risk to valuable funds and sensitive data. It can damage the good reputation of charities, affecting public trust and confidence in the sector as a whole.

Are Charities paying the price for weak Security?