Data and information breaches present every business with their biggest risk and the most damaging single incident outside of the board’s and owners' control. Far more likely to occur than a fire or flood and with much less protection in terms of insurance cover, the risk of breaches needs to be managed with expert assessments and mitigation controls. Ultimately, we also need to plan for when, not if, a breach occurs. A former Head of the FBI, famously announced, that there are only two types of companies in the US, those who know they have already been breached; and those that don’t know they have already been breached. This might be an exaggeration, but nevertheless the threat is real and becoming more prevalent by the day. 

Marathon have created a Breach Management Service as we recognise that expert planning and resourcing to avoid being breached and having the processes in place to contain a breach, are difficult, (particularly for smaller organisations). IT contracts don’t normally include this type of service. 

Marathon’s Breach Management Service will help to introduce best practise Cyber Security policies and controls. We also identify the process to guide and assist each company when they experience breach. We will help the client to identify, what has happened, how it happened, what the impact is and whether the incident needs to formally reported. 

What's included?

The service is initiated by benchmarking current information security controls with UK government guidelines. We can then assess what additional policies and controls need to be introduced to contain the risk further. Once we have helped the organisation to establish a best practise information security framework we assist them to produce and document a breach management plan for when a breach occurs. The Breach Management Service is a monthly subscription based service specifically designed for companies with under 50 users. The cost for the service for all companies with under 50 IT users is a one off on boarding fee of £350 followed by 12 monthly payments of £35. 

What are the benefits?


A simple licensing structure, within a single service


Benchmarks current information security controls against UK government guidelines


Specifically designed for businesses with up to 50 users


Gives you documented confidence that you are prepared for Security Breaches


Includes assistance to produce a Breach Management Plan


Demonstrate that your own data is being managed securely using best practice



Why Marathon?

Marathon is a white label IT infrastructure and Security expert. We help our Distribution, SI and Reseller clients to drive more business through each of their customers. Building their capability to sustain and grow long term business.

Marathon is a Cyber Essentials Self Assessment and Cyber Essentials Plus, Certified Assessors, GDPR Practitioners, ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) and 22301 (Business Continuity Management Systems) Auditors.