Virtualisation and servers

Supporting your clients with their move to virtualisation

Every business requires efficiency and the ability to work productively. Advising your clients to move to a virtual desktop environment could have a significant impact on their business. Are you holding off due to lack of time and resources to implement such a huge change, but want to give the best support that you can to their business? Why not outsource your virtualisation work to our engineers to complete the project and free up your time to continue supporting your other customers.

Expertise in features of virtualisation

Migrating a system onto a virtual platform can be time consuming and complicated, and you need to deliver the best results to your customers. Using engineers who are trained and experienced in setting up virtual desktops and virtual machines, you can have peace of mind knowing that the project for your customer is being taken care of and completed properly with attention to detail.

Areas of specialism

Marathon Professional Services knows the varying needs of your customers and covers a wide range of features of virtualisation. They have experience in the following: VMware, Citrix, PowerRecon, Vmotion, Capacity Planner, Platespin, Microsoft Hyper V and many more, ensuring that the requirements of your customer can be met professionally and completed within a short time frame.

Benefits for your clients

Helping you to give your clients a virtual environment which meets all of their requirements will improve performance for your customers and add value to your business. Marathon Professional Services is able to act as an extension of your team, or work independently on your behalf, to deliver outstanding setup and ongoing support services. Engineers are equipped to manage the whole project if necessary, answering questions from customers at any stage. Prices are always fixed.

You can deliver long-lasting solutions that increase productivity and efficiency of working, without the hassle of employing new staff members and making sure that they have the knowledge and application skills.

Marathon fully understands virtualisation

The service that Marathon provides involves either working on your behalf using our own company name or under your company name as a part of your team on a white label basis. Our team has a great understanding of virtualisation and migrating to a virtual environment. We can take care of any stage of the process where you are lacking the skills needed, allowing you to undertake projects that you could not take on without these skills.

Working with you

We understand the increasing demands that IT providers face from clients and want to help you when these grow and exceed your skills.

To find out more about what Marathon Professional Services can do for you, get in touch today on 020 8329 1000.

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Marathon Professional Services is your trusted IT solutions partner. We offer a range of services including Desktop Infrastructure Solutions and Virtualisation, and we act on a white-labelled basis as an extension of your business.