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Motivating customers to thrive

I’m sure everyone is fed-up with hearing about how the current situation with COVID-19 is going to change how we view normal for a very long time, but on a business scale, how do we change this to our customers’ advantage?

From a personal level, many companies like to have the comfort of an internal IT team; after all, it gives confidence that systems are being managed by their own team and they can pop along to see them for an immediate response to any query, as they’re onsite. If you look at it from the perspective of efficiency and cost, on the other hand, it can often be a very different story – especially during a time of crisis, where you need your team to manage your technology from a remote location.

Delivering Support for your customer

As you’ll all have seen by now, helpdesk support is now almost entirely remote, and demand is clearly increasing.  A recent survey by helpdesk software provider Zendesk showed that average customer service requests are up by 24% on this time last year.  If your customer isn’t already struggling with the impact of this rise in support tickets, they soon will be.  

Marathon already deliver 24x7 Remote support services for resellers to maintain security and data integrity – think essentials such as monitoring, anti-virus management and patch management support.  It’s a great way for you to open a conversation to drive additional revenue and margin with your existing customers, whilst remaining critical as a partner to their business.

Delivering Security for your customer

A change to remote working has significantly changed the Security posture for each and every customer out there.  Not only from new devices, unsecured wi-fi hotspots and human error, but from the increase in criminal activity as hackers look to exploit new opportunities. In fact, according to recent reports, organised criminal networks have been forced online to find new sources of cash because transporting drugs and committing robberies have become almost impossible.

One solution is to promote a subscription-based approach, such as the Marathon OneSecure service.  This provides your customers with a single solution to address all of the business risks associated with information and data. The package enables a fully managed secure business environment and takes away the need for clients to invest in multiple products and licenses across numerous security technologies.  At a time when risks are increased and revenues are shrinking, this service is one of those that offers a double-whammy of value and cost benefit – as the service is paid for on a monthly basis, with no other up-front costs.  We have a great whitepaper that you can use, or let us know if you want to rebrand it and share with your customer base.

Sell a full solution with Marathon

All organisations need to generate revenue to survive and many of our customers are already using IT Outsourcing to reduce staff costs, in favour of retaining their revenue makers. At Marathon, we provide everything from a helpdesk function, through to a fully outsourced managed service.  

We continue to support channel partners with free of charge Presales support and a wide range of services.  Let us know if we can help you to position these with your client by emailing  or contacting us on 0208 8329 1000 to learn how we can integrate our Managed Services into your current portfolio. 

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