Backup and storage solutions

What should your clients be looking for in a backup and storage solution?

Your clients will look to you as their IT provider to give them the best possible backup and storage solutions to prevent downtime and to keep their data secure. A virtual backup system is an effective method of carrying out both of these functions. Many businesses are beginning to move towards the idea of virtualisation to provide selective access to all the data they need, and ensuring that it is protected against data breaches.

Convenience for employees on the move

It is common practice now for most businesses to allow employees to work flexibly, meaning that they are often able to choose to work from home for a specified number of days per month. This can be a strong employee incentive for many people, but it can cause problems and a lack of productivity if data cannot be accessed away from the office, and risks of breaches can be increased. Using cloud solutions means that you can give your clients access to their files and mission-critical data remotely. You can also setup security measures to ensure unauthorised access is not granted, therefore reducing the risk of any downtime and negative effects on their services or working productivity.

Possible opportunities for growth

Another thing that your clients will be seeking is an infrastructure that will allow them to grow. The solution must be able to expand with the business, growing to meet an increased demand for storage space. Using a virtual solution allows you to provide this to your clients since the cost of further server space is significantly lower than accommodating more physical servers in-house. As well as being a scalable backup and storage solution, using virtual servers also provides additional benefits such as saving office space for your client.

Easy data recovery and protection

Just like any business, your clients are likely to be affected by any downtime that occurs due to problems with hardware or data breaches. Alongside the legal issue of data compliance, it’s vital that all data is secure against attacks and won’t be lost due to unexpected damage to hardware. Providing them with a virtual backup solution means that data can be accessed even in the event of hardware damage, meaning that disasters need not cause downtime for your clients. A virtual setup will also allow frequent automatic updates to be setup to take place, making it more reliable and keeping the data secured and up-to-date.

Do they have any bespoke requirements?

All of your clients will be different, but they’ll be relying on you as their IT provider to deliver a solution that best fits their requirements. Marathon can work on a white-labelled basis as an extension of your team to carry out any setup and maintenance when you just don’t have the time.

If you’d like us to work for you, or you want to find out more about the services that we offer, get in touch today on 020 8329 1000.

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