UK government department selects Bramble and Marathon Professional Services

UK government department selects Bramble and Marathon Professional Services to review its critical IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery provisions

At the end of September last year, Marathon Professional Services partnered with Bramble to review the Business Continuity and Disaster recovery provisions for The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). As with many IT resellers, Bramble partnered with Marathon to increase their level of service and expertise, as well as to decrease the time taken to complete the project.

What is DEFRA?

DEFRA is The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, which is an organisation supported by 35 different agencies to govern environmental, food and rural policies and regulations. The ministerial department is responsible for critical issues of a highly sensitive nature, meaning that network security is of the greatest importance to them.

The project requirements

In order to protect confidential information, DEFRA wanted to carry out a review project to investigate the security measures that they had in place and consider how to improve them. They sourced a supplier through G-Cloud that could give the best advice around Cloud-centred DRPs. Carrying out the review would provide a clear idea of the level of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery compared to the European Standard of ISO 22301.

What did the review include?

The whole infrastructure and network needed to be reviewed, along with plans for unexpected events and the effectiveness of these. Like many businesses, they wanted to review the services and system setup and provided by their outsourced IT partner from an outside perspective. The review itself highlighted inconsistencies across the system, including the difference in expectations compared to the effectiveness of the actual measures in place.

Peter Speck from Marathon commented, “As with every information management system continuous improvement is key to maintaining the integrity of the system within the context of the organisation, as it changes and evolves. Business continuity must become an integral part of all IT projects and initiatives and integrate with other Information management system such as ISO 9001 and 27001 (information security). Apart from highlighting areas of risk for mitigation and treatment, the reviews are used to ensure that senior management agree and accept any residual risk that may result”.

Expert advice for current and new systems

When your clients require a full network audit, or some impartial advice and help, Marathon works with IT providers on a white-labelled basis where required, to deliver the additional services or skills that you need. Our knowledge and experience of cloud-based solutions and network security allows Marathon to work with IT providers to give their customers’ systems a fast and thorough review and update, to ensure that they have the best security measures in place.

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