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The top 6 free things to do to improve your clients’ network security

Despite the growing awareness of cyber-crime, many businesses fail to address these threats and put measures in place to prevent them. A key part of your role as an IT provider is to implement an infrastructure that increases your clients’ security and promotes threat prevention and detection. This is particularly important for adhering to UK laws surrounding data protection, as well as the legal consequences that your clients may face should their security not be sufficient. There are a number of things that you can do to increase security straight away.

#1 – Reduce physical access to data

Data should only be accessed by authorised personnel, including physical access as well as access within the network infrastructure. Preventing access to critical data can stop information getting lost, stolen or used maliciously. It can also reduce data theft within your client’s company since the correct authorisations are given to certain people, and access to others reduced.

#2 – Implement permissions tools

Permissions tools can be integrated within software and collaboration tools. This means that settings and restrictions can be created to enable some staff members access and not others. This can be tiered, for example areas that are accessible to all staff members, and some only at management level. Files can be encrypted to prevent access when hardware is lost, stolen or hacked into.

#3 – Encouraging employees to use passwords

You can setup your clients’ infrastructure to require passwords for users to login. Keep a record of each password and make it complex and difficult to guess, whilst updating passwords regularly to ensure the highest levels of security. This ensures that staff members each take responsibility for the security of their own files.

#4 – Keeping your clients’ systems up to date

You will need to update your clients’ systems regularly to ensure that all the latest security features are up-to- date. This will enhance security protocols and work towards a fully functioning and efficient system. This includes disposing of outdated information, hardware and files straight away and carrying it out properly, including shredding and mixing physical documents, and damaging hard drives to make sure that data is not recoverable.

#5 – Setup device and wifi restrictions

No doubt many of your clients’ employees will bring their own devices to work. If there is no need to provide personal devices with access to the internet, then it is possible to stop them being automatically connected. This reduces the risk of confidential data being leaked or viruses reaching your own infrastructure.

#6 – Education and employee training

Educating employees through basic cyber security training can be hugely beneficial to ensure that all of your employees are clear about how to use the system productively, whilst following the processes that are necessary to protect the overall security.

White labelled services for your clients

When you just don’t have the time or resources to implement these things into your clients’ infrastructure, or whether you just require an extra pair of hands to carry out maintenance, Marathon provides experienced engineers that can work on a white-labelled basis or as an extension of your team.

Give us a call today on 020 8329 1000 to find out more about the services we offer.

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