IT Skills Gap in the Channel

The IT Skills Gap in the Channel

People are constantly hearing about the IT Skills Gap and it’s not just from the technology writers but also in Government and from HR departments. Anyone who is anyone in the IT sector has a certain level of computer skills to match their own personal/business environment, however in the IT channel, there is a specific challenge which is to continuously enhance and update skills to match the demands of the customer.

It is also very fair to say that with the rate that technology moves, keeping up with new developments can be a considerable test for technical departments. For the IT Channel (distributors, resellers and even emerging vendors), they must offer some level of professional service delivery to comply with vendor accreditations and more importantly, to ensure their commercial longevity, or be faced with a profit crisis because of ever decreasing product margins.

It is essential to remember that differentiation is key and people usually ask “What are the challenges in all of this?” Well, here are a few examples of the challenges that you may face:

  • You take a new product to market but haven’t fully skilled up to support and deliver products
  • You don’t actually carry a full time technical team but you want to deliver a competent solution
  • Your team is relatively small but your resource is short so you need more bandwidth
  • Key personnel leave creating an unplanned scenario for the skills gap
  • A key account requests a product that you don’t normally supply and needs installation
  • You cannot commit technology resources to a new product range until it makes commercial sense
  • An installation hasn’t gone the way it was planned and you need a fresh set of eyes to get the work done
  • You cannot find the right personnel for your business when you need them
  • Contractors are great but there’s never a guarantee you can access them in the future

These scenarios are all key examples of when the IT Skills Gap can really cause you some problems.

So, how do you respond to these never ending challenges?

Simple! You should engage the services of a committed channel services organization who delivers consistently high levels of quality work and will not drop the ball even when things become challenging. With Marathon’s technical services team you can now also drive additional professional service revenues. We ask each customer if they have needs that we can help them with, always going that one step ahead to ensure the professionalism that every company needs.

With Marathon behind you, there is no longer a challenge or stress but a fantastic opportunity. Marathon Professional Services is a “channel only” provider of professional services across a broad range of technologies and solutions. For many years we have been helping the channel, distributors and vendors to deliver key projects to enhance profit and drive closer client relationships.

Visit our website at for more information or call our dedicated channel sales team on 0208 329 1000.

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