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How to design a secure network infrastructure for your clients

Designing a network infrastructure for your clients can be a time consuming process, demanding a large amount of planning and setup. This is a sacrifice that many businesses are simply unable to make to take on new clients and expand, despite it being only a short-term requirement. There are many considerations to make before implementing a new network infrastructure design. Here are some of the things that IT providers should think about when planning a complete network overhaul for their clients.

   1. Maintaining security policies

Any changes that you make will need to adhere to the Privacy Policies in place to maintain the security of all the company’s data during the process. Complete security is necessary to protect your customers whilst also working to safeguard their clients’ data. Whether it’s something simple like introducing individual passwords for access to particular information, or virtualizing large volumes of data, there are many areas that security can be improved as you make changes to your customers’ infrastructure that will protect them against breaches on a long-term basis.

   2. Storage capacity

Another factor to consider within the design for your secure network infrastructure is the storage capacity that it offers. Cloud solutions often provide both greater security and a larger storage capacity when using a hybrid solution. Public hosting offers the greatest expansion and flexibility with storage options, however greater security measures should be maintained to protect any data that is being stored in this way. You will need to judge the best solution for your customers depending on their individual data requirements and vision for growth over time. Hybrid solutions enable on premise servers to be linked with a cloud server so that business continuity and compliance can be enhanced

   3. Maintenance of the network

How much time and expertise will it take to maintain each secure network infrastructure for your client? Outside of the initial setup, ongoing or regular maintenance will be required to ensure that the network is up to date and protected against any threats. It may be that your clients expect staff support when using the network, which could take up the time of an engineer whose skills may be better utilised elsewhere.

   4. Factors which are often overlooked

Requirements for any network infrastructure will vary, but the need for security is always vital. There are not only consequences in house through a lack of security but possible legal implications too. Within your structure, it’s important to designate responsibility to the appropriate staff members within your client company, in order that the system can be used effectively and kept as secure as possible.

   5. Setting up your clients’ network infrastructure

Setting up a whole new network infrastructure can take a lot of time and resources over a short period of time. This can affect your day-to-day support contracts and reduce the resources and expertise you have available to your other clients.

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