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How to choose the most suitable backup solution for your clients’ infrastructure

As an IT provider, it’s your job to ensure that your clients are prepared for any disaster and protected against any downtime as a result of this. The best way to do this is to provide them with a virtual backup system which will allow them access to any business-critical data and carry on as usual should anything unexpected occur to damage their hardware. Virtualisation and the use of cloud systems are growing in numbers of users for many reasons, but what should you be looking for as an IT provider when choosing the most suitable backup system for your clients?

Virtual backups and cloud backups

Many businesses are virtualising up to 90% of their systems, and getting the benefit of a faster and easier backup system than simply backing up to an external hard drive or other form of physical hardware. Virtualisation offers a cost-effective storage alternative for your clients, giving them the ability to store a backup of data without taking up an enormous amount of space and without additional hardware costs.

Scalability for your clients

Virtualised environments not only mean backing up virtually, but also a more scalable environment. This is down to the low cost to use extra virtual server space compared with your client having extra physical servers to accommodate their requirements. Not only does moving your client into a virtual environment benefit them immediately, in terms of backing up their data, but it also provides a long-term solution for growth and expansion, since more space can be used as required.

Reliability and recovering data

Although external hardware can be an effective backup solution (if kept offsite and left undamaged by the event which has caused the downtime) the restoration and recovery process can be a slow and inefficient one, as can doing regular backups. Virtual backups can be automated to occur frequently and virtual machines and the data they hold can be accessed immediately from any device following any disasters. This means that no data is lost, and there is a reliable system in place to prevent downtime and allow your clients to work as normal.

Secure backups accessible remotely

Regardless of where you're working, on any number of devices, all chosen hardware can be automated to back-up to a virtual machine, ready to use from any location. Your clients can gain access to these back-up environments and work from these if there's any problem with their own machine. Put security features in place, including passwords and usernames in order to create a secure environment that is only accessible by authorised staff members.

Assessing compliance requirements

Many businesses have a requirement to back-up and archive data for regulatory compliance. As data remediation and information governance concerns increase, it is vital to choose the most appropriate solution that meets the client’s compliance goals.

Choosing the right solution for your clients

Whether you decide to take the traditional route and backup to physical machines, or I you think your clients would benefit from virtual solutions, it may be that you need additional resources to support these solutions. Marathon works on a white-labelled basis to help you to provide the best backup solutions to your clients so that you can give them a suitable infrastructure that meets their requirements.

Find out more about our white-labelled services or get in touch to find out our availability for this week on 020 8329 1000.

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