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Decrease downtime with network monitoring services for your clients

A large amount of business today is conducted online, including communications with customers, ordering and financial transactions. When downtime occurs, this has a substantial impact on the level of service that companies are able to deliver, and can damage client relationships and cause loss of business if it’s not resolved quickly. As an IT provider, part of your role is to guarantee as much uptime as possible for your clients. Network monitoring services have a huge part to play in reducing downtime for your clients’ businesses.

Proactive monitoring detects errors

Proactively monitoring your clients’ server and network will enable you to detect issues as soon as they occur, for example an automated email informing you that their network has gone down. This enables you to work on resolving the issue immediately. This minimises the negative impact of any downtime internally and externally with customer relationships.

Detect improvements for growth

Network monitoring will ultimately detect issues that are recurring, or as a one-off. This helps to highlight the areas within your clients’ infrastructure that need changing. Over time, this allows you to make changes that will improve the efficiency of everyday processes. It will also ensure scalability for your clients, since you can put infrastructure in place that will cater for both their present and future needs, eliminating potential problems along the way.

Reduce negative impacts

Regardless of monitoring, downtime is sometimes inevitable. Network monitoring services will allow you to stay one step ahead and resolve problems as quickly as possible. Not only will this reduce the impact on your clients’ business critical processes, but it will also decrease the impact on their customers and the services that they’re able to provide. Ensuring as much uptime as possible will improve their reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

Network monitoring services

From setup to ongoing monitoring, Marathon offers network monitoring services on a white-label basis to IT channel providers to give their clients the best options. Find out more about these services and the availability of Marathon’s engineers by giving the team a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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