Disaster Recovery Plan

Could having a disaster recovery plan increase your response and recovery time?

It is hard to predict when unexpected circumstances may arise which disrupt your day-to-day business operations. These events can range from a simple power outage to complete destruction of hardware. But what these two circumstances have in common is that they both rely on a disaster recovery plan (DRP) to speed up the response and recovery time for your business. So what’s so effective about having a DRP?

Speeds up decision making

A DRP has many elements to it including delegating specific responsibilities for different things to individuals. This means that in the event of a disaster, time is saved since it is already clear who is responsible to manage and check each different thing, which allows you to begin working towards full functionality straight away. Where responsibility is divided, any issues that have occurred will quickly become apparent, allowing you to focus on the fixing any problems that have happened as a result of the disaster.

Guaranteed restoration of services and functionality

In cases where disasters cannot be averted, having a DRP in place will already mean you’ve sorted the ability to restore your client’s critical functions and services as quickly as possible, and the processes that are needed for this to happen. Planning ahead reduces the risk of any areas being overlooked, and guarantees the restoration of services that are already in place. Return to operation (RTO) time is reduced and the recovery point objective improved.

Backs up and protects critical data

A DRP will involve detailed planning and preparation to protect any important information in the event of downtime. This means that you’ll put backup systems in place to restore data if hardware is damaged. The process of backing up data using virtualisation is growing in popularity due to not only the backup abilities which can be achieved through the cloud.

Preventing disasters

In many cases, DRPs can help to reduce the effects of disasters almost completely, since in the process of planning the risks are highlighted and work is done to prevent them occurring in the first place, and reducing the damage caused. A DRP gives you the chance to have measures in place should any unexpected events occur, and prepare for complete business continuity when there are any disasters. It also guarantees a faster response and recovery time due to your preparation and understanding of the processes that need to take place to get back to normal functionality and day-to-day running.

Creating a new revenue stream from DRP

DRP can be a significant service in a reseller’s arsenal. If you don’t have the skills to provide this service then Marathon can help; either as your partner or through a white-labelled service.

For more information regarding disaster recovery planning and how you can improve your recovery time, get in touch by calling 020 8329 1000.

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