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Improving MEMCM performance with AV Exclusions

Are you suffering from a slow running MEMCM Administration Console?  One of the quickest and most simple fixes is to look at your current branch AV exclusions.   

Whilst it remains important to protect our systems on a daily basis, Antivirus real-time protection can cause many problems on MEMCM site servers, site systems, and clients.  We therefore find that exclusions are necessary where aggressive antivirus programs consider valid executables, to be high-risk processes.

You are not alone

If you haven’t looked at your MEMCM AV exclusions before, or haven’t reviewed them in some time, you may be comforted to know that you’re not alone – around 90% of companies I visit do not have MEMCM AV exclusions, or the exclusions were applied for earlier version of SCCM (and not all exclusions are present).  

It’s not a widely covered subject on the Microsoft forums, so you won’t find much out there to help guide you through the process. Here are three simple steps to get started: -  


A good starting point is to get your current version updated. The team at Microsoft provide a list of the latest Antivirus exclusions, which is updated each month.  Not doing so will impact the performance of the MEMCM environment and overall console performance.


Take your time and get it right.  When you apply the AV exclusions make sure you ensure the path is correct, for the installed location of the products. I’ve seen a number of examples where this hasn’t happened and the exclusion is worthless. Having the wrong path is worse than having no exclusions at all. Ensure you apply file, folders and process exclusions and don’t forget those client exclusions.


Make a date to review and check before upgrading. As the recommendations are being constantly reviewed and updated, it’s really important to check the list on a monthly cycle.  You’ll also need to update these for every version of MEMCM you upgrade as well, so it’s a good idea to add this to your upgrade checklist.  

The bottom line is that it’s worth a go. This clearly isn’t the magic bullet to solve all your performance issues, but it’s a simple and effective starting point and it may save you hours of investigation looking for other solutions. 

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have on this, or feedback if this is a solution that has worked for you?  


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