Cyber Essentials doesn't have to be scary

Scary Cyber Essentials…not!

The IT industry has a general tendency to market Security solutions on the negative risk of not taking action. We don’t want to underplay the potentially devastating impact of a breach, but it’s not always a case of ignorance, on the part of the customer, when Security isn’t the first priority.

Helping customers to get certified is only the start of your journey together. Of course, it generates services revenue, but what impact does the Cyber Essentials scheme have on their business, and your margin, in the long run…?

…It has to be time that we start talking to our sales team and customers, about the financial benefits of better Cyber Security.


As an approved Cyber Essentials Certification body, Marathon fully understand the reasons why your customers should achieve Certification.  What is often missing are the references from customers, who have been through the process and are on the other side.  In a 2019 survey from the team at Cyberguard Technologies, 84% of those that had achieved certification claimed that it had helped their business to win additional contracts.  Is this the impact of procurement teams demanding Security assurances from their supply chain?

The survey also gave a strong indication that Cyber Essentials is playing a part in retaining existing customer relationships, with other respondents highlighting the importance of the certificate in reassuring their customers.  Again, this could be a drive from buyers to reduce risk from third party suppliers, but a wider need for organisations to meet changing regulations could also be a factor. 

The net result is that companies with certification are selling more and retaining existing customers. We all know that customers who are on a growth curve generate more projects and often invest more in infrastructure to meet their aspirations. Growth leads to mergers and acquisitions; office moves and migrations – ideal for resellers who can engage early and provide the right services to deliver it.


If you don’t have a plan in place already, here are 3 things to consider:-

1.  Find out who your audience will be and understand why they are on your list of prospects.

Your targets will all share a common issue in that they need to improve on Security, however the solution may be very different for each prospect on your list. Make a start by identifying strong candidates for Cyber Essentials.  Security isn’t industry-sector specific, but look out for organisations that have a focus on contract-based sales, where customers rely on them to process data; or where they are a critical part of the supply-chain. Recruitment or Insurance are good examples, although look at your existing base first as you probably know more about these companies that anyone else.

2. Work with Marathon to build a sales plan that focuses on the competitive advantage of getting certified. 

We can help you define a list of things to spot. A lack of basic Security controls, as recommended by the NCSC, is a good starting point.  Are they making do with what they’ve got already, or do they have a long list of budget excuses?  If cost is really an issue, could the customer sell it internally as a revenue generation cost and utilise other budget holders, such as marketing?  Find a way to get past those initial blockers and you'll be well on your way to success.

3. Invite Marathon to the meeting and let us help you close the deal.

As the accredited certification body for Cyber Essentials, we’ll see the customer through the process and can provide valuable input to your sales pitch.  It demonstrates that you have a high level of involvement in the process, as you’re not just directing them to the Cyber Essentials website and waiting for them to come back with a certificate.

Message me, or your account manager, for more information or give us a call on 020 8329 1000

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