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Recent research from Security firm Kaspersky found that 47% of SMB’s and Enterprise organisations continue to use Windows 7, nearly 5 years after the end of mainstream support. 

Who would have thought that Windows 7 Migration projects would still be a margin-rich opportunity for resellers? With the Microsoft deadline for the end of extended support only 4 months away, it’s a last chance opportunity for customers - big and small - to ensure a smooth transition, whilst they are still protected by extended support. 

All good things must come to an end, and the reign of Windows 7 as an actively supported, good-enough operating system is no exception. In technology buying-cycle terms, these customers would be classified as the late-majority and laggards. Although that’s a useful definition, it doesn’t help resellers to pick them out from your CRM system for your next sales campaign.  Here are a three, more practical, ways to identify key customer prospects: -

Have they got out-dated infrastructure? 

Try to identify customers still using old systems to run their business, especially those that are not able to run newer versions of Windows.  Maybe find out what version of AV are they buying for desktops, as an indicator? This presents a great opportunity to increase the scope of your project and increase margin on the back of a migration service.  If you sell into the NHS, then make sure you get up to speed on the Windows 10 agreement.

Applications that will only run on Windows 7 

Application development is a major expense for most customers and a transition to a later version of Windows may be cost prohibitive. Look for customers that run bespoke applications across a bigger number of devices, such as warehousing or distribution, as these won’t always be optimised for easy migration. 

Over-stretched IT teams

Prospects or existing customers with a low ratio of IT personnel in relation to the size of the company, may not have found the time or skills to address the issue yet.  Look out for projects being delayed due to a lack of time or budget. They may be willing to migrate, but have other priorities that need to be fixed first. 

Where are customers going? 

Planning a successful migration takes time. For those that won’t make the January 2020 deadline, Microsoft have introduced extended Security updates for Windows 7. The downside is that these come at a heavy price for customers with a number of devices – the upside is that it gives them more time to plan a smooth migration and avoid costly delays or issues. 

Data from the Microsoft fourth quarter earnings call showed Windows OEM Professional sales increase by 18%, driven by healthy Windows 10 demand and the momentum behind the deadline for Windows 7 end of support. It’s clear that Windows 10 is seen as the choice for customers who want to deploy inside the organisation and who want to take advantage of the in-built security and management features from the latest release.   

However, as with everything at the moment, the sales focus is towards subscriptions and Office365 is at the forefront of that offering, for current Windows 7 customers.  Windows Cloud services grew by 16% over the last quarter and the forecasts remain strong 

Size doesn’t really matter to Marathon

Big or small, Marathon have a tried and tested formula for delivering Migration projects for our resellers. Our Fast Track Migration Service provides trouble free migration and combines the latest discovery and assessment tools with our migration consultancy expertise, to deliver the initial phase in days, not weeks!

Message us for more information or get in touch with the team on 020 8329 1000 or email to set up your Windows 7 Migration service with Marathon.

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