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Everyone Wants a Cloud, Right?

Cloud is big business.  When we took a recent look at how to build a Cloud Migration Machine, we found that cloud migration is forecast to grow from $2.4B to $7.1B between 2016 and 2021. Although, what happens when your customer absolutely refuses to begin their cloud journey, but wants all the benefits that a Cloud would bring?  

Of course, Cloud vendors will aim to sell at an optimal cost and many customers find that migration isn’t as cost effective as it was made out to be.  However, in our experience at Marathon, client teams will often identify Security as the biggest downside to Cloud migration.  

Faced with the prospect of not being able to sell more hardware, resellers tend to walk away from projects or decide to wait for the customer to come around, (or the price of Cloud to drop to a more attractive level). Meanwhile, the customer is out growing their own environment and facing the usual growing pains; more staff, bigger offices and more data!

Time for Plan B

Colocation Services are a margin-rich incentive for your sales team to stay engaged and a viable alternative for customers looking for optimal Cloud Security.  Here are three advantages to take to your next meeting: 


Improving on On-premise Security is costly and problematic.  Lots of unauthorised people, including contractors and cleaners can usually access office servers through a variety of onsite endpoints. Customers will have to improve access controls and hiring 24x7 security is expensive.  Regulatory controls on physical security add a further layer of management.  For example, under GDPR regulations, did you know that a stolen server is still considered a data breach?  

Colocation Data Centres give the customer more control than public cloud and are built to be secure by design.  With access controls and CCTV throughout, it ticks all the boxes for clients that demand optimal security for their data. 


With mergers and acquisitions continuing to dominate many sectors, a room, (or two), full of servers is space you can’t use for people, storage or facilities. The frustration of running out of expensive rackspace whilst trying to deliver a consolidation project, can result in major delays, downtime and a strain on existing budgets. 

With Colocation Services from Marathon, customers can grow, (or shrink), their infrastructure quickly, so the business can react to challenges without the unforeseen risks. Ideal for office moves or customers who need to process large amounts of data at peak times. 

Unlimited bandwidth also means better connectivity for those customers who want to consolidate multiple sites or enable remote staff, to reduce on-premise costs and gain competitive advantage. 


It’s a win-win for both reseller and customer.  

Lost floorspace in the office is just the starting point for customer savings. On-site servers are also large hidden cost centres as you need around the clock power to run servers, cooling, and maintenance and security. Moving your customer to an external data centre avoids many of these costs and opens up budgets for other products and services from your portfolio. 

In much the same way as your Cloud business, Colocation is a margin-rich way to grab more of the overall IT budget.  Resellers also get closer to future projects as colocation services are used to provide a smooth transition across all types of upgrades and infrastructure changes.

Are you ready to add Colocation Services to your portfolio?  The Marathon team are on hand to help with content and pre-sales support to get you up and running – fast!  Read more about our Colocation Services or talk to your account manager for more information or call the Marathon sales team on 020 8329 1000


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