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Marathon Service switches on SME’s to Security

Despite an increasing effort by the Government to sell it, SME’s continue to lag behind in their understanding and approach to Security.  Government backed research has already shown us that 29% of customers who experience an attack during 2019, plan to do nothing in response. Can the reseller channel use some of the latest tools and content, to switch-on these customers to a more secure business?

The reality is that Cyber Security doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge for business owners.  The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently outlined five quick and easy steps that your customers can take, to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cyber-crime.  It might seem simple but the next step, for a business that hasn’t addressed security yet, can be very daunting.

If you’ve spent time with Marathon before, you’ll know that if you want to improve your cyber security further, then you seek certification under the Cyber Essentials scheme. This not only helps the customer to think about ‘Security first’, it demonstrates to the world that they take the protection of their data seriously.  But how do you get them started?


Threat simulations and exercises are a great way of involving key decision-makers in the process.  Exercise in a Box from the NCSC is an online service that helps you find out how resilient your organisation is to a cyber attack and evaluates your readiness to respond to critical cyber incidents.

Although this is available for free, through the NCSC website, many SME customers will lack the time and confidence to focus on running it.   Through a programme of discussions and a simulation of malicious network activity, it works by taking a small group of key staff through a series of structured questions, (known as 'exercises'), relating to a specific area of cyber security. By completing the exercises, customers will understand which risks the organisation is currently exposed to, and what they can do about it.

Working with the Marathon team, we recommend offering your own Cyber Threat Simulation Workshop, using NCSC-backed tools and content. It’s a great way to involve your team with key decision makers, at an early stage in the project; and understand the specific requirements of that business, as it moves towards Cyber Essentials and a more switched-on strategy for Security. 

Check out what's included in the service here. For more information or to launch your own series of Cyber Threat Simulation Workshops, contact the team on 020 8329 1000 or email


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