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The technical experts at Marathon are constantly evaluating the market and we’re excited to add Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security, to our growing portfolio of services – here’s why we think you, and your customers, will like it too.

Why AI?

It’s fair to say that Artificial Intelligence hasn’t always lived up to the hype. Let’s cover off the hype around false positives first.  True. If you had to invest lots of time teaching the machine, it often outweighed the business benefits of a solution, aimed at saving it.  However, the analyst predictions that 2019 would be the year of AI and Machine Learning in Security, seem to have been on the right track. 

We’ve seen that the technology has evolved. From a security perspective, it’s been essential not to throw out those false positives and activate events, when legitimate user or device behaviour has been detected. We don’t want to go back to the days when we tried to deploy legacy Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) but quickly turned them off because of the disruption caused to our businesses. With that said, we now see that the technology is taking us towards a world where highly accurate threat detection will support and augment, already overstretched security teams.  It was just a matter of time.

Why now for Marathon?

Customers need help to investigate a growing number of alerts.  Alarmingly, from an average of 1,700 alerts per day, only 4% of incidents are being investigated, according to research from The Ponemon Institute.  Without dedicated resources or technology to assist, it is clear that cyber threats can go unnoticed, un-investigated, or ignored. 

We turned to AI as a practical alternative to fill in the gaps left by traditional single-point endpoint and network solutions, which lack contextual awareness and as a result, often make poor decisions about isolating threats.  

Can we trust the machine? 

When you get behind the hype, you start to think about what AI needs to deliver.  Security professionals don’t want another black box solution with a blinking light; they want to know how the machine is thinking.  Just because a behaviour is unusual or new, does not mean that it is malicious and should be stopped. 

AI for Cyber Security from Marathon provides context and understanding to threat detection.  Gathering information from across the network, to build a complete picture of emerging threats for your customer. 

When can we talk to customers?

Today!  The technology is here and we’re ready to discuss it. You can request a demonstration, bring in one of our experts for a discussion or start a proof of concept. Talk to your Marathon account manager for more information or call us on 020 8329 1000 


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