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Are we all 'Captains of Industry'?

The trusted advisor ethos is widely embraced across the professional services industry.  The formula of taking your top people and putting them forward as selected ‘captains of industry’ can bring a lot of rewards. A trusted advisor could earn themselves a seat at your client’s boardroom table;  help set your company apart through ‘thought leadership’ and nurture long-term relationships that can bring serious business benefits for your firm.

As a result, it seems there’s every reason to embrace the trusted advisor philosophy as a strategy for growing and promoting your firm. 

Five percent will make it

Yet, how many consultants can seriously make it to the ranks of ‘trusted advisor’?  According to one expert, only 5% of employees truly have what it takes. That’s not many if you think about it – especially if you’re a small to medium size IT reseller with only a handful of consultants. Where would your company be if your single trusted advisor left?

The Trusted Advisor culture

Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, we think there is a case for creating a trusted advisor culture in your company. Instead of assigning one or two consultants to the challenge, adopting the trusted advisor ethos and then embedding it into your company’s vision, mission and value framework, is something that we can all do as channel tech providers. 

So what might this involve?

The Godfather

David Maister is an expert and author on trusted advisor philosophy and practice. He invented the ‘trust’ equation

Trust = credibility + reliability + intimacy.

The trust equation is something that the Marathon team totally signs up to, but we also add alignment to this mix, meaning that the trusted advisor spirit is woven right the way through our company. We think you can do it too. 

Here’s how: 

  • Credibility

What leads to a company having credibility?  According to the Open Government Partnership, a company can build its trustworthiness and integrity through consistency, responsibility and transparency. 

For an IT reseller, improving your credibility could mean becoming a more involved entity in your customers’ businesses – by offering an end-to-end managed service package, for example. With Marathon’s help, you could provide a host of tailored services – from Cloud migration to security health checks. By adding to your service repertoire in this way, you will improve your credentials and become an integral part of your client’s business. 

  • Reliability

In the IT sphere, reliability is king and our clients look to us to keep the wheels turning. 

You can become the reliable partner that your clients are looking for by preparing for those extra busy times – through drafting in extra help from us when you need it, for instance. Emphasising the importance of reliability to the people in your company will create a unified culture and reassure your customers that you are there when you need them. We can work together to make sure that happens.  

  • Intimacy

Intimacy in business comes from security. As an IT reseller, you are often on the front line when it comes to dealing with confidential data and processes. It’s therefore vital that your clients feel confident your company will operate with complete discretion.  You may feel worried about who you use to sub-contract projects out to - when you need extra help in a specific technical field or when looking to bolster your existing team, for instance. It's good to know that the Marathon team uphold the same service values and security practices as you do. Working with us, as a verified, certified and trusted partner, will mean you can sell with complete confidence, knowing we won’t let you down. 

  • Alignment

Finally, rolling out the trusted advisor ethos on a company wide scale means aligning your team to a set of common policies and procedures. Make sure documents are stored in a central place and are accessible and clear. That way, a new company culture that focuses on the needs of your customer; rather than the short-term gains of the supplier, will grow.

We really hope Marathon can be part of a new trust-centric culture for your business. Our team of specialists are ready to seamlessly blend into your company to help you adopt and implement trusted advisor theory on a company-wide scale.  

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