Do you (really) know your customer?

Customers change. What you knew about them yesterday may not be true today. We’ve all spent time mapping the organisation and key decision makers, at all levels of the organisation. We’ve built rapport with our contacts and understand that getting to know them at a personal level can be beneficial to a good relationship. But how much do we really know about the way their business operates now and what they will need next, without asking them directly and looking pushy?

Double account growth… just by listening

More often than not, the signs of a project are there before the customer is even aware of the requirement. The challenge is to understand how we can translate readily available customer data into actionable insights and account intelligence. The team at Marathon have done some great work on how to generate revenue through service touch points and our research has shown that when services and customer success teams are responsible for upsell opportunities, average revenue per account growth nearly doubles from 8.8% to 16.1%. If we can change our perspective to look at service-led requirements, rather than our goals to sell more of what we have to offer, we start to see trends and requirements that have previously been hidden to our sales teams on their own – because they are not always speaking the same language.

A quick example…

Usage reports in Office365 give insight into consumption and future trends, but is the business using this popular tool, in the way it intended? Research from McAfee suggests that 17.4% of documents in Onedrive contain sensitive information. Your customer may have already invested in DLP but have they extended those policies to their cloud? Great account intelligence to take to your next review! Remember, we offer free of charge pre-sales resources to help build greater insights around this customer data. As each customer may be different,

I’d encourage you to book a meeting with us to identify which areas of account intelligence are most suitable for your account. Look out for our guide next week on the 3 things to spot in your next customer meeting.

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