Owning more of your customers’ IT security budget


We’ve had some great feedback on our latest e-book. If you haven’t already, isn’t it time to become a security super hero for your customer

The fact is that security should account for up to 15% of the total IT spend, according to research from IBM.  However, if we don’t map the overall account, we won’t know how much that is.  If we don’t know how much to ask for, then we’re probably losing business to other suppliers, who are providing the customer with what they need – and taking money from your pocket!

You don’t need Marathon to tell you that the cyber threat landscape is complex.  Threats are being initiated from multiple sources, externally and internally. Social engineered trojans, phishing, Denial of Service, advanced persistent threats, Ransomware, Network traveling worms, unpatched software - the list grows longer in time and attacks grow more sophisticated.  As we look to the future, we enter an age where risks now extend far beyond the network perimeter and are difficult to manage – even for those customers with a SOC.

Intelligent Security as a Service


We have to consider a world where a service-led approach to security becomes the most flexible and dynamic way for many customers to manage this resource intensive function.

Marathon’s OneSecure service provides this within a single services framework, OneSecure means you can effectively own your clients’ IT budget for security and become their trusted, entrenched, security partner of choice.  For your clients, there are no more worries about when the next renewal is due; or which vendor they need to place orders on. A single monthly subscription for OneSecure, automatically renewed and invoiced by you, is all they need to do.  

To learn more please contact sales@marathon-ps.com or download the OneSecure brochure from www.marathon-ps.com


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