Working Smarter, with add-on services from Marathon

How will you achieve your target this month? Well, if we could sell more, with every opportunity we get, that would help - right? Industry estimates put the probability of selling to a new prospect at between 5% and 20%, whilst the probability of selling to an existing customer is more in the region of 60-70%. So, if used properly, add-on services can actually strengthen your customer relationship, while bringing you more revenue, and additional margin.

Do add-on’s work in B2B?

As consumers, we are familiar with add-ons and see them on an almost daily basis. B2B tends to focus more on long-term customer value, but as we move to a more transactional economy, many of our reseller partners have realised that adding an option to sell a service to every quote, is the easiest way to increase sales – and it works!

If I win… you win

A faster install… correctly configured products… a fully supported or managed environment – the bottom line is that if you have a service that helps your customer to succeed and there is a value in buying it at the same time, you can both win! Each and every hardware or software order, is an opportunity to sell an optional service. It can be just another SKU on your quote and in most cases, you don’t have to get more information or ask questions, of your clients. Just add a service option to every quote and let the client ‘take it or leave it’. In our experience, they take it most of the time. Here are some examples of how you can add service options, delivered by Marathon, to your next quote:

Quotes for: 

Optional Services from Marathon

Office 365 Licenses 

Support or Managed Service 

A Firewall

Cyber Essentials Configuration Service 

Server Hardware 

Rack and Stack Service 

Microsoft Exchange Licenses 

Health Check 

Citrix Licenses 

Health Check 

SCCM Licenses 


Anti-Virus Licenses 

Cyber Essentials Readiness Assessment 


Remember, Marathon provide a full range of support calculators, Statements of Work and Sales collateral, for all the service options you can add-on to your quotes.  Look out for our in-depth guide to Working Smarter with add-on Services or talk to your account manager and start selling more services today, with Marathon. 

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