Are your customers ready to SOAR with Services

Security Orchestration and Automation is more than just a set of resources…


… and it’s not just for Enterprise customers either!


Among the new security acronyms that have emerged in recent years is SOAR, which stands for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. SOAR aims to solve multiple pain points for companies struggling to find the right mix of technology and resources to manage security across the organisation and assist them through the automation of key tasks and processes.

In a recent survey of 250 businesses, shared by eWeek, staffing was a key challenge for Security. The average number of days to resolve an incident has increased from 2.8 to 4.35 in the last year alone and 79 percent of respondents felt that they don't have enough people to handle the required tasks, within their organisation. Interestingly, it goes on to outline that security teams tend to be overwhelmed by volume—of 174,000 security alerts recorded per week, security analysts were only able to review and respond to 12,000.

Of course, the Marathon team are always able to help with short-term skills shortages, but does this solve the problem in the long term for the customer?   As a reseller, the opportunity to add quick revenue is compelling, but a long-term approach to servicing the requirement would actually be more profitable; increase margin; and increase your overall value to the customer. 

Are your customer ready to SOAR?


The market perception is that Security Orchestration is only for the Enterprise.  So, I asked our Consultancy teams the same question and the feedback was mixed. Although we have seen a number of Enterprise customers looking to SOAR as a priority in the next 12 months; many smaller customers are also looking for a similar solution.  Apart from the cost of buying new technology, the simple truth is that Security Orchestration and Automation is more than just a set of resources. It’s about how these resources are matched with the tools used; and what skills the customer can put in place to manage it.  Given the changing nature and volume of security incidents and the cost of maintaining a fully functioning SOC, a service approach is often considered, as a viable alternative. 

What’s your experience in this area?  Expect more from Marathon on this front, as we reveal our new service that is aimed to support resellers with a comprehensive approach, that works for all types of customer. 

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