Enabling Home Working in a Crisis

3 ways to enable homeworking in a Crisis

Are customers still fighting the fires as a result of having to migrate workers out of their office environments, or are they now moving towards better performance?  More importantly, are they coming to you for guidance on how to adapt to these changes and what can we do to ensure you are their first port of call?

Research has shown that during previous periods of crisis for UK businesses there has been a clear spike in customers looking for help. Apart from Brexit, the last major upheaval for UK business was the introduction of GDPR in 2019 and this saw a 15% increase in engagement.  Even without new data to measure the impact of Covid-19, it’s safe to say that engagement in 2020 will be much higher.

The technology to support customers looking to adapt to these changes is also critical.  Microsoft recently confirmed that Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) usage has increased by over 300% since the start of government restrictions on movement. Improvements in WVD are a recent development, but are shaping up as one of the more efficient ways for customers to manage their way forward. 

Despite the proliferation of devices used in our day-to-day lives, the addressable market for homeworking solutions is much bigger than we previously thought.  Around half of businesses (53%) from the same Government backed survey earlier this year, along with 61% of charities, said that their staff regularly carry out work-related activities on their own devices (BYOD).  Address the challenge of securing these devices and your customers can effectively scale-up, (and crucially back down again), to meet demand.

Yes, your Enterprise customers may have a bigger estate of remote devices to begin with but, as we’ve said before, buying new devices isn’t a straightforward solution to the problem and a range of services and skills are needed to manage this remotely.

How to enable homeworking with Services 

Technology and Cloud Maturity may be creating more sales opportunities, but how do you ensure that they are talking to you, and buying your services:- 

#1 Be Proactive with a solid proposition 

New and existing customers alike will be willing to engage more if you approach them with a well-defined service offering.  Solutions that took 6 months to close are now getting purchase orders in 48 hours, as customers start to look at how to improve the performance of homeworking solutions. 

If you don’t already have your proposition in place, our Effective Homeworking and Rapid Capacity Programmes are ready-to-go and can be easily re-branded and quickly added to your portfolio.  

#2 Demonstrate your Delivery Credentials 

Customers aren’t looking for your ability to learn, they want to see that you have delivered it before and can guide them through the crisis. Partner with Marathon, to share our experience in delivering a wide range of projects – we can provide examples of everything from the world’s largest Windows Virtual Desktop project; through to 24x7 support for companies with remote workers.

#3 Focus on solving Business-level issues 

A crisis often results in a panic response and the customer will be looking to you for guidance on two fronts:- Can you demonstrate an awareness of the long-term vision and advise on what might happen to their IT structure afterwards, (the new normal)?  More importantly, will you cover the basics and address all the business-level issues, throughout the project? It sounds simple but this is often missed by resellers who are keen to take on work at [almost] any cost. 

Marathon partner with Rainmaker to deliver our Effective Homeworking Service as it provides a comprehensive structure which defines these challenges in the early stages.  We’ve found that it gives the customer a huge amount of confidence in the solution and to achieve their overall objectives – and yours! 

Are you ready to sell these Services today?  The Marathon team are on hand to provide a full range of services and skills to help you add it to your existing portfolio – we even offer free of charge pre-sales support to integrate into your sales process.  Give the team at call on 020 8329 1000, connect with us on LinkedIn or email us sales@marathon-ps.com for more information. 

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