IT VARs are increasingly recognising the opportunities that AV Hardware and Services presents in order to access a larger share of a customer's overall technology spend, and of course, the additional GP opportunities this provides, providing you get it right! Marathon can give you the necessary AV project delivery experience and product knowledge to help you maximise on AV opportunities and provide a great-customer experience.

Pre and Post-Project Delivery Professional AV Services

Having access to our team of AV technologists will provide you and your customer with a wealth of professional audio-visual technical knowledge, installation advice and extensive AV product experience, across commercial, education and public sector applications.

As your Technical AV resource we'll help you not only win more projects, with accurate, well-informed and structured technical response documentation, but also protect commercial interests providing details on what is needed to fulfil the customer's expectation.

Why Marathon?

Marathon’s AV team has vast experience of helping organisations plan, design and build AV systems. Providing support to all-interested parties, from architects to head-teachers, Our team are on hand to help understand and identify the risks and technical challenges associated with any professional AV project.

Our consultants are available to assist with pre-project planning, M&E advice, technical design, project management & coordination, full-project delivery. We can provide training and post-sales technical event support.


We can talk you though your initial thoughts and ideas for your AV project right-away and discuss the best-way to approach it.

You can use our skilled team just for a day to get some advise for an one-off project or we can help with long-term project-rollouts and on-going customer upgrades across the UK and beyond!


What’s Included?

We will conduct an initial scoping conversation with all the stake-holders involved with the project, as soon as practically possible. This is to gather as much input and information and gain a full-understanding of the overall project objectives and time-scales.

Once engaged, the AV team will provide:

  • Overview/Understanding of requirement (Where not already provided)
  • Site Technical visits/Project Meeting attendance
  • Technical Response, with Sales Supporting Info/Diagrams/PDF/Video
  • Labour Requirements and Special Skills
  • List of Dependancies / Initial Assumptions on other trades/customer (where applicable)
  • Budget Pricing Estimates/Fixed Price Delivery Contracts

What are the objectives White-Label AV Service?

  • Provide access to Pro-AV project pre-sales design advice
  • Support the bid process with professional technical response/understanding
  • Improve overall RfP/AV Bid success rate
  • Lessen risk of margin erosion through technical oversight
  • Identify and communicate the required level of resourcing and skills-needed
  • Communicate/Liaise with trades such as main-contractors/M&E/Architects

Other Services

Marathon’s AV Team can provide:

  • Pre-Sales Design Service
  • On-Site Meeting Support
  • Product Advice/Scoping
  • Engineers Drawings and Schematics Production
  • Project Management
  • Specialist AV Engineering Resourcing
  • Training and Event Support