Here are some of the major projects that Marathon has recently conducted.


Specialist University (Cross Forest Migration of AD and Exchange)

Design and implementation of a migration project that encompassed moving 3000 user accounts, computers and associated Exchange mailboxes to a new Windows domain infrastructure. Due to time pressures within the summer break the entire migration had to be implemented across a four-week period, from build of the new environment to completion of the migration. A combination of 3rd party (Dell/Quest) and native Microsoft toolsets were used to successfully migrate all users to the new domain/Exchange organisation.



Construction Company - Project: Cross Forest AD Migration and Office 365 Tenant Migration

The customer had formed a UK-based organisation following a de-merger from a global company with large presence in Europe and the US. The purpose of the project was therefore to create a new Active Directory environment for sole use by the newly formed UK organisation, and to migrate all users, computers, applications and servers into this newly created environment.

A three phase approach was adopted, with initial planning and creation of the new environment being carried out in phase 1, the organisation’s 1000 users and workstations being migrated over to this environment in phase 2, and all servers, applications and infrastructure servers being migration in phase 3.

Running in parallel to this was the requirement to migrate the organisation’s Office 365 tenancy, and all associate mailboxes, contacts, distribution groups etc., as well as the Sharepoint Online implementation, as the existing tenancy was held in the US.

Technologies used: Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, Active Directory Migration Tool, Office 365, CloudMigrator365

Roles: Architecture/Design, Implementation Planning, Technical Project Management, Implementation, Support