Here are some of the major projects that Marathon has recently conducted.



The customer was running a VMware infrastructure which was based around 2 separate ESX hosts with no connection for VMotion or replication. The customer had an end goal of having a failover option if 1 host was to fail and but also for business continuity to be a priority.

Due to financial constraints and the customers trust within the VMware infrastructure, they decided that Hyper-V would be their next goal as it’s a free feature within Microsoft Server operating systems.

All virtual machines were converted from VMware to Hyper-V using a 3rd party tool, once each host had Windows Server 2016 installed and replication between each host was enabled to allow the virtual machines to replicate every 15 minutes. With this solution, the customer had a reliable failover option and testing with the customer was done to prove this solution would work for them.

Technologies used: Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V, Hyper-V Replication, V2V Convertor

Roles: Architecture/Design, Implementation Planning, Technical Project Management, Implementation, Support