Why is a SQL Server important?

SQL Server instances using older database software can significantly impact on application performance and downtime. Modernising data platforms can avoid these business disruptions.


What are the benefits for the resellers?

  • Enable customers to boost application performance: SQL Server 2014 runs 13X faster than SQL Server 2005 and 5.5X faster than SQL Server 2008.2.
  • Help customers break through database bottlenecks.
  • Enable new business models in the cloud.
  • Help customers ensure their databases and their businesses are up and running with a flexible platform to meet specific availability needs cost-effectively.
  • Help customers improve business continuity with increased HA and DR facilities in SQL Server 2014.


Improving, updating or migrating a database management system is not just a maintenance task, but an opportunity to derive new business value.

What’s Included?

When upgrading SQL Server it is important to consider the following stages:

  • Discover: Categorize applications and workloads by inventorying assets and the environment.
  • Target: Identify destinations, which may include on-premises SQL Server 2014 machines, Azure VM's and Azure SQL databases.
  • Upgrade: Recommend how to make the move with the least disruption possible to end users.

The output will be a formatted report detailing an assessment of SQL Server databases for upgrade and creation of subsequent upgrade options.


What’s not Included?

The planning session does not include the actual upgrade but defines the processes need to support such an upgrade that will work for your organization.




  • Single instance of SQL Server (non-clustered or two node cluster)  - 2 days
  • Multiple SQL Server instances (non-clustered or two node cluster) - 2 days plus 0.5 days per each additional instance

What's Next?

By carrying out the SQL Server Upgrade service resellers are provided with an indicative costs, risk and impact analysis to provide to their client which will enable those clients to quickly move to the actual migration planning and deployment phases.

This service scales to thousands of servers and is design to accelerate projects to reach the point of migration as quickly as possible.