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Why should IT resellers consider becoming Cyber Essentials Accredited?

An increasing number of IT resellers are now choosing to become Cyber Essentials accredited, but why is this? What is Cyber Essentials certification and what does it mean for IT businesses?

An Introduction to Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials has a primary aim to protect businesses against common cyber threats. Companies that are Cyber Essentials accredited are equipped to protect themselves against 80% of threats, as they learn how to implement the best security measures. For example, the process of becoming certified involves filling in a questionnaire online, before experts from Cyber Essentials examine and assess it.

What does Marathon do to help the Channel become Cyber Essentials Certified?

Marathon supports companies looking to become Cyber Essentials certified by guiding them through the process. From initially reviewing their IT security to helping them to implement better security controls and policies in-house, to gaining the Certification, Marathon helps IT Resellers to put recommendations in place that fit with Information Security standards like ISO 27001 and the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Bespoke security measures

Every IT reseller will have varying security requirements, depending on their risks and customer requirements. Marathon guides each organisation through the Cyber Essentials process to enable them to reach a point where they have optimum security measures in place to protect their in-house information and external customer data.

Legal security requirements and implications

Failing to implement sufficient security procedures can have serious legal implications for IT resellers. They must comply with legal data protection requirements to protect against legal ramifications. At the same time, being Cyber Essentials accredited gives businesses a greater reputation, whilst giving customers peace of mind that they can trust that their data is safe and secure at all times, and that the services delivered will be of the highest quality.

Lack of Cyber Security reduces Public Sector Channel Sales

There is a growing concern in the channel that government and public services sales are becoming more and more difficult and costly to convert. But is there a hidden reason why resellers are not selling more?

Government departments are instructed by the Home Office to work with suppliers who are Cyber Essentials certified. The MoD is mandated. If your prospects are choosing other providers to take care of their project, becoming certified could gain you that greater trust. Marathon is the only ‘channel only’ Cyber Essentials Certified Assessor in the UK.

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