Why are UK businesses pressuring suppliers to be Cyber Essentials certified?

This week, the Minister of State for Digital and Culture, The Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock, made a major announcement. The announcement, made at the annual IOD Cyber Security Summit in London, informed attendees that big businesses are now beginning to insist that all of their suppliers must be Cyber Essentials Certified in order to be considered to work with them.

What changes have occurred?

It is already the case that suppliers to Government Departments in the UK are required to be Cyber Essentials Certified. This is to ensure them that sensitive information is dealt with in a sufficiently secure way. However, there has been an increase in how businesses regard cyber security, with it becoming of higher importance for many companies, particularly within the commercial sector.  This means that a growing number of companies are choosing to also make Cyber Essentials certification a demand for their suppliers, since it offers their customers the best possible level of security at all times.

The basics of Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials was created as a response to increased cyber crime, and as a prevention method for companies to have in place to avoid data breaches. It sets out requirements for data control, as well as a detailed information security policy, which involves the acquisition, storage and processing of data, as well as disposal.

How has Marathon been preparing?

The demand for Cyber Essentials certification is something that Marathon has been long anticipating. We predict that this will only become more and more popular, which is why we not only hold Cyber Essentials certification ourselves, but also work to equip our clients with the same certification.

The future of Cyber Essentials

It is likely that over time the Cyber Essentials certification will become commonplace as an absolute minimum requirement for Information Security across the UK. Businesses should begin preparing for this in advance in order to gain a competitive edge within their industry and offer their customers the best possible Data Protection.

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