What monitoring could do for your clients' uptime

Downtime is one of the biggest causes of customer relationship breakdown and damage to a company’s reputation. If you can guarantee the highest possible levels of uptime for your clients, then they will thrive even more as a brand and develop strong relationships with their customers as they continuously provide products and services. One of the key ways to increasing uptime for your clients is to implement ongoing monitoring for them, but how does this work and what could it do for your clients?

Fast problem solving

When an issue occurs and causes downtime, this disrupts the services your clients can provide for their customers. The faster problems are highlighted, the faster they can be solved and any negative impacts reduced. Ongoing monitoring means that you are immediately alerted as soon as there is an interruption in services, meaning that you can step in as the IT provider straight away. Sometimes this can even be before your clients are aware of any issue at all.

Reliable service provision

Regular monitoring allows your clients to provide more reliable services to their customers without breaks in this service or communication. It gives your clients confidence that they will be able to perform at their best and give consistency services to their customers. Monitoring ensures high uptime and therefore a strong business reputation for your client and great satisfaction for your relationship with them. The monitoring system itself can send automated alerts which gives you the chance to act immediately and resolve the issue much more quickly than if it was manually discovered.

Monitoring can enable future-proofing

Another benefit of monitoring your clients’ network is that it can help you to future-proof their IT infrastructure. This is because it can highlight problem areas and where working efficiency could be increased by replacing hardware or changing the structure such as migrating to a virtualised environment. It can be a great tool for maintenance as well as emergency problem resolution, so it means you can review your clients’ infrastructure regularly in order to improve it.

Implementing monitoring for your clients

If you’re looking to implement monitoring for your clients and would benefit from external expertise or engineers to come and fill a skills gap, please contact Marathon today on 020 8329 1000 to discuss your requirements.

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