What features do the best hypervisor solutions require?

There are various requirements that you should be looking for when selecting a hypervisor solution for your clients. In order to ensure that you choose the best option, there are a number of features that you should examine as an IT provider. Here are just a few features that hypervisors should provide:

Reliability within budget

Whatever hypervisor solution you choose for your clients, it must be reliable and restrict any downtime from occurring. It must offer easy solutions to problems that occur, and function in an efficient way whilst also providing users with secure access. However, the chosen solution must also be cost-effective for your clients.

There are multiple factors to bear in mind such as ongoing licensing costs, and a one-off deployment cost. It’s important to consider that hosted hypervisors can be much cheaper over time than a bare metal hypervisor alternative would. This can impact on overall pricing and cost savings over time, potentially leading to a reduction in running costs.

Does it meet your customer’s requirements?

Before you look into detail at the specific features of hypervisor solutions, it’s vital as an IT provider that you recognise which solutions are compatible with their current infrastructure and systems. If other things are worth changing to facilitate a hosted hypervisor, this may impact on costs at the time, but provide a more scalable infrastructure for the future.

The solutions that you recommend and implement for your clients need to provide greater security and storage requirements as their business scales up, with the same functionality and processes working just as efficiently.

Hypervisor performance

Despite using the lowest amount of overhead resources, bare metal hypervisors can be restricting. A virtual solution can offer greater performance overall, including efficient allocation or resources and prevention against downtime. It also offers the ability to backup all mission critical data in the event of a disaster where any hardware becomes damaged, which allows data to be retrieved.

User management

How user friendly are the different hypervisor options that you’re considering for your client. Any solution is less valuable if your clients cannot manage and use it effectively day-to-day. It’s important to choose a solution that backs up data and allows easy access. One benefit of a virtually hosted hypervisor is that your clients will be able to access and use information regardless of their geographical location, which increases their overall working efficiency.

Whether it’s implementation, support or maintenance, Marathon provide hypervisor services and solutions on a white-label basis, to deliver expert services to your clients. Find out more about Marathon’s hypervisor services by giving us a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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