Cloud Computing

What does Cloud bring to your clients’ IT infrastructure?

Cloud computing enables resources to be shared and used more easily. The 3 types – public, private and hybrid – offer different benefits depending on the requirements of each of your clients. The ideal cloud strategy will meet the needs of your clients, enabling them to share and store resources securely, from different locations and to decrease downtime if hardware is affected.

Benefits for your customers

As an IT provider, you are no doubt under pressure from your customers to reduce costs, enhance their data and ensure their security compliance. You will also be expected to deliver the fastest possible solutions to help them complete their in-house processes. The Cloud can mitigate these pressures and provide better resource utilisation.

Planning for the Cloud

There are a number of things to sort out in relation to planning a cloud strategy for your clients. These things include a client device plan whereby all company and personal devices to be used for work are setup with the cloud, as well as defining the implementation stages to begin the process. You must also identify the workload, infrastructure plan and agree ongoing monitoring and management requirements. All of this will contribute to a successful Cloud migration.

Choosing the right solution

Your customers’ requirements will determine which cloud solution is the right one for them. Different factors that will impact which cloud delivery model is the most suitable are the current demands and need for scalability, workload type, service level expectations and security requirements.

Deploying a secure cloud infrastructure

It’s important to ensure that the deployment of your customers’ cloud infrastructure remains secure at all times. Areas to think about are securing the hardware that stores data, such as internal servers, as well as securing the network as a whole to ensure that unauthorised access cannot be gained. Failure to maintain security can mean non-compliance with data protection laws, leading to complex legal implications for both your company and your customer. As an IT provider, they will be relying on you to maintain this high level of security and protect them against such issues.

Seamless migration to the cloud

Whatever your clients’ requirements, a certain level of knowledge and experience is required to carry out a successful cloud migration. Making sure the process is seamless and you can rely on certified engineers to carry out the work. Sometimes you may have a skills gap internally, so Marathon provide cloud migration services for your clients on a white-label basis to fill this gap.

If you’re interested in Marathon’s white-label cloud services, give us a call today on 020 8329 1000 to discuss your client’s project.

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