What could cloud computing bring to your customer’s business?

Cloud computing provides a model through which businesses can access flexible, high quality, on demand resources, including computing power, databases, storage capacity and software applications. It is the evolution of server based computing and the appeal to the business world is broad, from cost effective pricing, to scalability and accommodating any diversity of location. The only criteria required for cloud access is an internet connection – something that 97% of European businesses now have. In the face of increasing pressure to be more efficient, lower cost and more flexible, companies across the UK, and beyond could benefit from moving to the cloud.

An agile workforce in multiple locations

Gone are the days when a successful business required heavy investment in office space and physical overheads. Businesses migrating key services to the cloud free up staff to live and work anywhere, as long as they can get online. This offers numerous benefits, from the incentive of working from home, to the convenience of using more flexible contracts that minimise employer commitments and overheads.

Increased security

60% of SMEs go out of business within six months of a cyber attack so it’s no surprise that security has become a top priority for the business community. For those companies seeking an upgrade in security focus-the cloud is the key. From encryption, to compliance with data protection regulations, the security benefits of cloud-based services are numerous. Most businesses simply couldn’t afford the level of expertise, the quality of software and infrastructure, and the constant attention that cloud based service providers invest in security and services. Everything from 24/7 monitoring for issues, to ensuring updates and patching never slip is dealt with, providing an additional layer of security to protect businesses from potentially damaging online exposure.

Competitive advantage

A move to the cloud provides your clients with access to enterprise-class technology without the investment required to purchase it permanently for the company. Businesses can act fast, enjoying best in class resources on a pay as you go basis to grow market share and build better profile. Leaner business structures that can be scaled up, upgraded or adapted at speed offer a unique opportunity to create a distinct competitive advantage, even against larger and wealthier competitors.

Future proofing the business

Change can be a force for good in your customers’ businesses as long as there is the capacity to adapt and evolve. Moving to the cloud gives their organisation the means to stay on top of everything from changes in technology, to new security challenges. Scalable, flexible services ensure that the business can stay abreast of industry developments and support its own growth while making sure that processes and procedures remain secure and efficient. Expansion at speed, even on limited resources, is made possible with this new service focus-the cloud.

Outsourcing integration to the cloud is a fast and simple way to enable businesses to start enjoying access to all of these benefits. Marathon provides safe and secure migration on a white label basis and a range of flexible IT solutions designed to give you the power to do more for your clients. If you’d benefit from additional resources or expertise to move your clients to a cloud infrastructure, give our team a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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