Skills Gap

What Is the Skills Gap and How Can You Address This as an IT Vendor?

In the IT sector, the skills gap is the requirement that is not being filled by some businesses as they lack the resources in-house to deliver particular services. Instead more and more IT companies now have to hire experienced engineers with the desired skills to fill these gaps for their customers.

Challenges Imposed by the IT Skills Gap

The pace at which technology transforms is phenomenal. It is a huge predicament for all businesses within the Channel to keep updated all new solutions, and to employ staff to deliver all of these different skills. The entire IT channel, consisting of distributors and resellers face certain challenges. This can mean that some companies do not possess the resources to give competent technical support within specific areas.

How Can IT Vendors Beat the IT Skills Gap

Most of the skills gap issues that companies face today can be overcome if there is a more comprehensive collaboration between IT vendors and outsourced providers. Here are some of the ways this can help:

Provide High Quality Services

IT vendors like Marathon can align themselves with companies as a possible extension of their business. They have professionals with hands on experience of a broad spectrum of technological solutions, and specialised services as well as providing additional services such as customer support, project delivery and setup – all on a white-label basis.

Deliver Consultancy Services

IT vendors can also provide consultancy services to your customers related to the designing of the systems, project management and troubleshooting, or technical queries. This means that everyday customer queries can be dealt with, whilst in-house resources are allocated efficiently and usefully throughout the business to deliver services and projects to other customers.

Marathon Professional Services is a committed IT channel service provider that has technical expertise to meet the skills gap within your organisation. Whether this is on an ongoing basis, or as a short-term fill in whilst staff are away or you have vacancies, Marathon acts as an extension of your team to ensure that you are always able to keep up with the demands and requirements of your customers.

Find out our availability or discuss your requirements by giving Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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