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What Benefits Could A Virtualised Infrastructure Give Your Customers?

There are many benefits that come from using a Virtual Data Centre where physical storage centres are located offsite. Not only are business facility costs lowered, but hardware, power and cooling costs too. Maintenance requirements are also minimised. If you’re looking to cut costs and improve your clients’ data centre, here are five reasons to consider moving them into a virtualised environment:

Quick And Easy Migration Into The Cloud

Migrating your clients’ data into a virtual environment can have long-term benefits. For example, having a virtualised infrastructure means that if one day the company decides to move to a full cloud environment, the data transfer will be smooth and efficient. This would also give you the ability to deploy VMs (virtual machines), allowing your customers to work remotely.

Great Disaster Recovery

Disaster prevention isn’t always possible at work, but having the right infrastructure in place can go a long way in protecting your client's business. Virtualised data centers make disaster recovery a lot easier as they are continually updated with constant, almost live records of all of your VMs’ data. This means that if your clients’ systems go down on site, work can resume quickly and efficiently, drastically reducing downtime. Moreover, if a disaster occurs at the data center, you can easily move virtual machines into another virtual environment, by recreating the network addressing scheme. This flexibility means that your clients’ disaster recovery plan will be much more successful.

Multiple Vendors

Another advantage of virtualisation is that it makes a clear distinction between software and hardware. Because the VM’s can run on any piece of hardware, regardless of the platform and even server type, your clients have a choice of multiple vendors as opposed to only having one option. As an IT provider, this also gives you greater flexibility to choose the best solutions for your clients.

Lowered Costs

It’s no secret that in business, hardware can be the most costly aspect of a data centre. By reducing the amount of hardware that your clients use to store data, you will reduce the overall cost. A virtualised infrastructure can even result in lowered electrical costs, ease of maintenance and the absence of downtime.

Reduced Build Up Of Heat

Though millions of pounds have been spent on research and new designs to lower and disperse heat from hardware better, the simple fact remains – having servers will generate heat. The sole way to overcome this problem is to have fewer servers. And the best way for your clients to do that while retaining all their data is to virtualise their servers. By using less physical hardware, your clients will produce less heat in the workplace and save a huge amount of office space.

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