VoIP vs standard telephony… what are the benefits?

With society turning more and more to technology for their business requirements, it is no wonder that a growing number of businesses are exploring alternative telephony options that could not only cut costs, but bring a range of other benefits to their business. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology relies on communication over the Internet. Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP allows calls to be made from desktop computers, and across multiple locations with the same network. There are a wide range of benefits that come with using VoIP over traditional landlines, many of which may resonate with your customers. These include:

Easy setup and ease of use

The installation process for VoIP is quick and simple, since it doesn’t require separate telephone cabling. This creates a more efficient infrastructure that reduces the amount of necessary wires and connections. This also improves scalability should your customer require more VoIP phones or less, as these can be added and removed easily. Maintenance is also much simpler, as the voice to digital signals transfer uses software instead of hardware.

Greater productivity for employees

Another feature of VoIP that your customers could benefit from is that it allows employees to work efficiently even when multiple phones are being used at one given time. Speed and performance will not decrease, and employees can call, have conference meetings, share data through video conferencing and more at the same time without any change in performance. In fact, VoIP makes voice clarity even better for your customers, without lag or distortion, delivering a better service than traditional telephony even when simply making calls.

Better mobility and flexibility options

One more benefit that your customers may find useful is that VoIP not only lowers costs, but it can be integrated with software including email platforms, e-fax and conferencing. All of these things can take place simultaneously without affecting the others, and VoIP phones can be moved to any location with an internet connection and used, which is ideal for employees who travel.

VoIP makes it possible for offices in multiple locations worldwide to make calls between themselves for no huge international costs. It also allows low-cost calls to be made between locations that have internet access, to reduce charges for your customers.

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