TransACT Chooses Marathon’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Service to Drive Customer Compliance And Leads to Increased Business Opportunities


TransACT Technology Solutions is an IT Solutions and Service Provider that offers a range of transformative technologies, both leading and innovative, to its customers. It has a services and solution portfolio that has been designed to deliver IT transformation and is supported by a team of industry experts to ensure customers achieve their business objectives. It has recently seen rapid growth with offices now open in London, St Albans, Bristol and Gibraltar. Its customer base spans from major finance houses in the City of London with thousands of end users to smaller SMB and Education institutions.


TransACT is a respected partner and trusted advisor to many enterprise customers particularly in the finance/banking and gaming and gambling sectors. Those customers are increasingly aware of the need to take action relating to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes law in May 2018 and are beginning to realise the changes and work required to achieve compliance, particularly in terms of technology regulations.

To help customers understand the full implications to their business and support them in achieving GDPR compliance, TransACT wanted to add a comprehensive end-to-end GDPR service to its portfolio. TransACT partner with best of breed providers in the industry and started the search for a leading professional services partner that could provide a compelling GDPR assessment service and had a proven track record in delivery.

Marathon Professional Services fulfilled that criteria with best of breed service offerings that met TransACT’s enterprise customer’s business objectives and standards and was chosen to provide the GDPR assessment service.

“We have been successfully working with Marathon Professional Services for over three years providing a range of services and solutions to our end user customers and have developed a strategic partnership, which has built and expanded on opportunities within our customer base. As we started to see the rise in demand for requests for support in GDPR planning and knew Marathon were GDPR Practitioners, it was an easy decision to appoint them to provide a GDPR readiness assessment service to our customers,” said TransACT spokesperson.


Marathon’s GDPR Readiness Assessment service is conducted via a Workshop designed to educate the client, in terms of GDPR requirements that relate to their business, identify the current business’ security and data protection culture, policies and controls in place and a risk assessment. Based on the key changes to data protection law within GDPR, a discussion takes place on how the business needs to adapt and develop new internal processes, leverage the use of IT technologies and educate employees. From here a report is produced which includes a gap analysis on the capacity of the resources to identify, manage, control and monitor information and data and be compliant with GDPR.

TransACT is delivering the GDPR solution as a white label service and has pro-actively targeted its channel customers with a campaign promoting the new service and its benefits.


By using Marathon’s expertise to discover any risks or gaps in complying with GDPR within their customer base has helped TransACT build credibility, loyalty and trust, but also increase margin opportunities on additional products, services and solutions.

“Being able to offer Marathon’s GDPR assessment services has not only significantly helped our customers in regards to planning and preparing for GDPR compliance in 2018, but also positioned TransACT as a key business advisor and integral to their business objectives,” said TransACT spokesperson.

According to Marathon, based on past experience, out of every ten GDPR assessments delivered, nine will led to further opportunities for consultancy and a higher level of complementary sales.

“The GDPR assessment service from Marathon has been a tremendous addition to our portfolio. We have had significant interest from customers and have developed a very healthy sales pipeline for the discovery workshops and additional services and solutions. We anticipate that sales will only increase as our campaigns continue and the GDPR deadline nears,” concluded TransACT spokesperson.


  • Best of breed GDPR Assessment service added to portfolio
  • Supporting end user customers in compliance planning
  • Increased reputation and loyalty
  • Greater opportunities for additional business

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