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New Year, New IT: 10 ways to renew your clients’ IT for 2016

It’s no secret that January marks an important time for many businesses as they begin to review their infrastructure and see how it could be improved. As an IT reseller, you’re not excluded from this, as your clients are likely to ask for your advice and input to help this improvement process. Here are 10 ways that you can help your clients to renew their IT for 2016:

#1 Understand your clients’ requirements

Listening to your clients about their business is key to understanding their requirements and being able to advise them accordingly. When they tell you about what they want, listen between the lines for any frustrating issues that they might have, and things that could be improved upon.

#2 Build a green infrastructure

A growing number of businesses are taking greater responsibility for their impact on the environment, and being able to show their customers that they are being as green as possible. The growing trend of working from virtualised environments not only has benefits to their business such as enabling remote working and increased security, but it also removes the need for many physical servers. This saves space and works towards saving costs too.

#3 Encourage staff training

Whether you can deliver staff training yourself, or it needs to be delivered by a third party, there’s no doubt that staff training can enable your customers to work more efficiently and use their IT infrastructure and programs confidently on a regular basis. Educate your clients about both ease-of-use and security to help even the least computer-literate to understand and work easily.

#4 Listen to client feedback

Your clients will see an impact on their day-to-day processes through the IT infrastructure that you provide them with. Discuss quality assurance with them, and see the difference that a variety of solutions could make internally, as well as how these impact their ability to provide great customer services, and products.

#5 Reduce maintenance needs

Many of your clients may not require a huge amount of maintenance. You may therefore choose to provide regular maintenance or simply when it is required. This will cut their in-house maintenance costs, since you can monitor and maintain the system. Marathon’s team of engineers are also available to carry out unexpected projects, installations and maintenance work on your behalf when there’s a short-notice demand from your customers.

#6 Carry out regular updates

As well as general maintenance, you’ll want to ensure that your clients’ disaster recovery plan is up to date. Preparing processes and backup solutions ahead of any disaster will decrease downtime should any issues occur. You’ll also protect your customers’ reputation and their brand image.

#7 Check data retention

What are your customers doing with the data that they have? Help them to stay compliant with legal regulations, but also ensure that the infrastructure that they have enables them to store data securely, and use it easily when necessary. It’s a good idea to review this annually and to encourage regular removal of data that is no longer required.

#8 Explain your recommendations

As an IT reseller, your customers will expect you to have significant IT knowledge beyond their own, but keeping it simple is important. It is vital to be able to explain your recommendations to your clients in a way that they can understand, and see the benefits that it will bring them. This will increase your customer trust too.

#9 Communicate clearly

Again, using industry-specific knowledge isn’t necessarily likely to evoke trust, but confusion. Avoid using IT jargon and communicate clearly with your clients about what they need, and how you can best deliver this service for them.

#10 Test the waters with new solutions

Whether it’s a different setup idea, or simply exploring products and services that you’ve not delivered before, you need to be at the forefront of the latest technology. Allow your clients to test new solutions before they commit to them, to see if they’ll be successful. Keeping your clients’ infrastructure up-to-date is essential, so if you aren’t familiar with something, give it a try first or get one of Marathon’s experienced team to step in on a white-label basis to deliver the services.

If you need extra resources this year as you review your clients’ IT, give Marathon a call on 020 8329 1000.

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