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Managing your customers’ backup systems to reduce downtime

Managing your customers’ IT infrastructure involves more than simply ensuring that there are effective systems in place. Maintenance and preventative measures are also needed to guarantee data is safe and operations can continue in the event of disaster. Backing up needs to be reliable and ensure that your customers do not experience any unnecessary downtime.

Disaster recovery and data protection

One of the main reasons that backing up your customers’ data is so important is that they may experience downtime due to a disaster where hardware is damaged. This can lose a huge volume of business critical information if data cannot be recovered or accessed following this event. Whether it’s due to hardware failure or human error, backing up your customers’ data is essential to ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly and all data can be recovered.

Cloud solutions and virtualization

Virtualization is the fastest growing infrastructure solution, due to the numerous benefits that it brings. One such benefit is the ability to automatically de-duplicate data and simplify data management. Using VDIs increases availability and therefore the overall productivity of employees on a day-to-day basis.

Mission critical data is always accessible

Maintaining a virtual infrastructure for your clients also has a number of other benefits including that the virtual desktop can be accessed from any location with the correct login credentials. This prevents unauthorised access and preserves a high level of security, whilst giving greater working flexibility to employees with varying commitments outside of work.

High levels of fast support

When you’re at capacity, it can be hard to deal an increased demand from your customers. Relying on Marathon’s team of experienced engineers to take care of these demands on a white label basis can relieve pressure and provide faster support at the same high quality for your clients. In the event of unexpected downtime, Marathon can act on your behalf to improve your response time, and reduce downtime for your clients.

Find out more about Marathon’s white label services by giving us a call today on 020 8329 1000 to discuss your requirements.

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