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Lack of IoT app testing could create security concerns for your customers

Security is a growing concern for many companies as hackers and identity theft are rife in the digital world. What does it mean that app testing could create security concerns for your customers?

Lack of app testing

Did you know that only 1 in 5 IoT apps are tested for security vulnerabilities? This means that 80% of these apps offer potential security risks to your clients. Reasons for this lack of testing include a lack of testing methods, combined with the difficulty to ensure complete security for these apps. App development companies are not required to ensure measures are in place to prevent cyber security attacks, which places the importance even more closely onto IT providers to keep their clients’ data safe.

Why is security important?

There are a number of consequences that your clients could face without sufficient measures in place to maintain data security. Compromise of data confidentiality can lead to large fines, damage to their brand name and long-term customer relationship damage, not to mention legal action being taken against them. As their IT provider, you should be able to recommend ways to prevent these issues, which will also give you stronger customer relationships and happy customers.

Prevent security risks for your clients

Budgeting for security is a foundational part of any IT infrastructure, whether this is in training staff to recognise security threats, restricting access to different levels of confidential information, or encrypting highly secure files to ensure no third-party access. Reducing the risk of attacks is your responsibility on behalf of your customers, so putting in place a disaster recovery plan (DRP) and backup systems can be a useful element of this.

Security awareness and minimising risks

Education has a large part to play – fraudsters and information thieves are likely to target individuals and hope that they click on a link or attachment, or follow steps which can leave them vulnerable to attack or data theft. Training your customers to spot suspicious activity is key, as well as implementing passwords, security restrictions both on-site and remotely, and monitoring regularly for potential threats all help to minimise risks and reduce security concerns for your customers.

Allocating security resources and expertise

App security is specialised, and security as a whole requires a allocation of resources to maintain effectively. If you do not have the in-house expertise or resources to address IoT app security concerns with your customers, Marathon offer white label services and can act on your behalf to ensure that your customers have maximum protection at all times.

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