Server and network monitoring

Increase your clients’ uptime with server and network monitoring

Downtime can be a huge issue for a growing number of businesses, particularly when dealing with customers online. Customer communication is essential to help any business to maintain good standards of service. Your customers will want an IT infrastructure that is reliable to improve their business efficiency. Inevitably, issues are bound to occur, but with server and networking monitoring you can increase your clients’ overall uptime through proactive monitoring.

Server and networking monitoring will give you a head start

Server and networking monitoring allows you to be automatically alerted as soon as any issues occur. This means that you can fix the problem straight away, and your customers can enjoy a guaranteed fast response time. It also means that in some cases you’ll be able to sort the issue even before your customers are aware of it, or before it affects their day-to-day operations and customer relations.

Monitoring can help your customers’ business grow

Monitoring your customers’ infrastructure on a regular basis will enable you to make changes to allow for growth. As their business expands, you can ensure that their operations are scalable and by making sure that the necessary infrastructure is ready as the growth occurs – whether this is in the form of hardware, security, telephony or other infrastructure services.

Consistency and customer satisfaction

Server and network monitoring enables your clients to provide a consistent service to their customers at all times. Constant uptime can bring more to your clients than a great IT infrastructure – it can also help to improve their reputation by helping them to provide the best possible services.

Improving your customers’ in-house processes

Networking monitoring can highlight areas that need improving with any in-house processes. It will show where processes can be completed more efficiently, and give you the chance to recommend improvements that will ensure a greater working productivity.

Resolve problems quickly with networking monitoring

When you need monitoring for your customers’ servers and networks, Marathon can provide these services on a white-labelled basis or as an extension of your team. Contact us on 020 8329 1000 today to discuss your requirement, or find out more about Server and Network Monitoring.

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