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How to increase productivity in-house as an IT reseller

Every business wants to work at their optimum and perform to the best of their abilities. This can be down to in-house strategy, but as an IT reseller, it’s also about addressing the requirements that your customers have and how you can use IT to increase their in-house productivity. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

Improving response times and Return to Operation

Inevitably issues will occur at some stage that can cause downtime. This downtime can be detrimental to the way your customers can function and the services that they’re able to provide as a result of this.

Reducing this downtime and providing the fastest possible response time can significantly improve the outcome and help your customers to continue to work as productively as possible. In fact, ongoing monitoring can actually help you to solve some problems before your customers are even aware of it.

Meet customer requirements

The requirements that your customers have will affect how you can increase their in-house productivity. Backups and virtual working are key to this since they can offer both greater flexibility and faster recovery times. You can increase working productivity for your clients by ensuring that their network is highly available at all times, as this will also allow your clients to develop stronger relationships with their customers.

Identify areas of weakness

One of the most useful ways to increase productivity in-house is to take a look at the many different areas of your customers’ IT infrastructure. This allows you to identify any areas of weakness or inefficiency, which you can then address in order to allow more productive working. It also means that issues can sometimes be identified and solved before they become a problem that affects working productivity.


Once any areas of weakness have been identified, you can work towards future-proofing your customers’ IT infrastructure to ensure that they will continue to be able to work productively over time.

Planning for growth is important and setting up any processes, new applications and other elements is essential to ensure that your customers are able to work as productively as possible on an ongoing basis.

To find out more about increasing in-house productivity as an IT reseller, get in touch with the Marathon team today to discuss your customers’ requirements, on 020 8329 1000.

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