How could a white labelled partner support your client’s move to a virtualised infrastructure?

Business productivity is pivotal within any company, whereby employees can work efficiently and effectively at all times. Increasingly, businesses can get stuck in a position where they want to offer their teams the chance to work from home, flexibility to work during outside of office hours, and the ability to access the information and resources that they need to do so. Virtualisation is the key to these things, but when you’re extremely busy and don’t have the specific in-house experience to complete the move to virtualisation, it can be useful to partner with a white labelled IT provider that can complete the project for your clients.

Trained engineers

Migrating to a virtual environment takes knowledge and experience to implement the change efficiently and correctly. Taking on a project like this in-house can be time-consuming and complex, meaning that the process is inefficient, as well as taking up time and resources that you require to carry on the day to day requirements of other clients. Outsourcing an engineer or team of engineers to get this project completed will save you time, allow you to focus on other jobs and give your customer the best possible migration service.

Specialist knowledge of features

Another benefit of using a white-labelled partner for your client’s migration to a virtual infrastructure is that you will have someone completing the migration who is best qualified for it, and that has knowledge and experience of a range of features from different systems. Marathon has expert understanding of the following: Microsoft Hyper V, Capacity Planner, Platespin, PowerRecon, VMware, Citrix and Vmotion to name a few.

Clients will benefit from virtualisation

Enlisting the help of an experienced white labelled partner will provide your customers with the most professional completion of their project in the fastest time, whilst this is delivered on behalf of your company, keeping your name to the job. Additional understanding from undertaking a wide range of migration projects means that Marathon can ensure that your clients are moved into a fully-functioning virtual environment that can improve performance and ease of use. It will allow them to access work from any location with an internet connection through a virtual desktop.

An extension of your team

The best part of outsourcing your client’s move to a virtualised infrastructure is that you get the expertise and highest quality service delivery, but take the full credit as your client enjoys the benefits that it brings. Whether you have a skills gap around virtualisation in general, or just don’t have the resources at the moment to complete a particular migration project, your white label IT provider can take care of the whole process, from the migration to ongoing support if needed.

If you think we could help you with migrating your customers to a virtualised environment, give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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