How can you tell when your customers need to improve their IT support?

If you don’t regularly assess your customers’ IT support requirements and whether you’re meeting these, you might find that there are gaps in the support that you’re providing. Failure to do regular “check-ups” to ensure that sufficient support is in place can lead to your customers being forced to spend more than they need to on support, and struggling to meet all their requirements for maintenance and productivity.

It’s helpful to connect with your customers regularly to ensure that you are meeting their changing IT support requirements as their business grows and requirements change. Here are some questions to ask to check whether their IT support may need increasing or improving:

Are targets being met?

One key indicator that your customer’s IT support needs improving is that problems are not being resolved quickly. This can show that perhaps your SLAs need to be changed to meet their requirements or if there is temporary additional support required then it could be wise to utilise white label IT support services. It might be that you have to recommend additional support services in order to meet their increasing level of demand, and it’s important to establish this to ensure the highest standards of support are maintained.

Planning for growth

If you know that there is growth happening within the business, it’s important to reassess the IT support that is being provided – first of all whether this is on a monthly contractual basis, or whether it’s a per-project agreement. It might be that there are times where you require additional engineers to help to undertake the maintenance or installation of a particular project during a set period, or it might be that you need to scale up your support services as your customers’ requirements and business scale up.

Bespoke support and technology

Different customers will have varying requirements in terms of their industry, which will impact security and the hardware and applications needed for day-to-day work. Often this will mean tailoring support to the specific requirements of your customers and enlist the help of specialised engineers on a white label basis to guarantee that you can give them the support that they require and understand their business enough to plan for future requirements at the same time.

Innovation and input

If you want to go above and beyond with your customers to give the best possible IT support, then you should be innovative in your approach and look at their network infrastructure with genuine interest. You should regularly check support levels and whether your customers are able to work as efficiently as possible, and discussing this with them can be key to highlighting any areas for improvement.

If you’re struggling to find the resources or lack specific skills in-house to meet your customers’ support requirements, Marathon can fill any skills gaps that you have. Give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000 to see how we could help you to improve IT support to your customers.

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