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How can you help your clients overcome the most common cyber threats that businesses face?

Despite the fact that back in 2014 some high profile security breaches made big news, companies are still finding themselves vulnerable and unprepared to deal with cyber security threats and DDoS attacks. It’s vital to be prepared, so how can you help your clients overcome the most common cyber threats that they face?

Internal Attacks

Internal attacks are one of the greatest threats towards your client’s data and systems. ‘Rogue’ employees or even IT members who have the correct training and knowledge can gain access to data and systems which can cause major damage. One way to prevent this from happening is to restrict and monitor who has privileged access to such data and files, making sure that anyone who has left the company has had their privileged access terminated. Your client could also implement strict protocols within their infrastructure which would be able to track, log and record all privileged account activity. This will allow a much quicker response if any malicious activity is detected – therefore reducing potential damage.

BYOD – The use of personal devices

The chances of data theft are at an all-time high with companies implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. One way to help your clients deal with BYOD security issues is to make sure that you have carefully structured an effective policy. This helps companies to become better educated on what risks they face through the use of personal mobile devices and encourages employees to maintain better security. It will also enable their business to monitor emails more closely and what documents are being downloaded to company or employee-owned devices.

Third-Party Service Providers

As technology develops and becomes more complex many companies are relying on third-party service providers to maintain their systems. However this can leave your client vulnerable because a lot of the third-party service providers will use remote access tools to connect to their network. They do not always have the best security protocols in place when connecting to your client’s network. For example they might use the same password for all of their clients which will leave your client vulnerable as it opens them up to potential security breaches and risks.

Being able to help your clients deal with cyber threats is imperative as it only becomes a greater problem if left over time. Find out more about our white-labelled services or get in touch to find out our availability for this week on 020 8329 1000.

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