How can you give your clients the highest availability systems?

Clients rely on their IT provider to set up, maintain and manage their networks and systems to ensure that they have the highest possible levels of availability at all times. Any downtime can cause breaks in their services, customer support, and even compromise data in some cases. Downtime is expensive and can create a negative impression of their brand. Since it’s essential to give your clients the highest possible levels of uptime, what can you do to aid this?

24/7 Monitoring for faster resolutions

Businesses often have to work in a time-sensitive way, whether this is to work quickly with their clients or simply to provide the fastest possible responses and solutions. The earlier errors can be detected, the faster the RTO time. This can be achieved by setting up 24/7 monitoring for your clients’ systems with automated alerts to notify you straight away if any problems or disruptions to service arise. In some cases, this can allow you to deal with issues even before your clients are aware of it themselves.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Downtime, to some extent, is inevitable (whether it’s down to human error or an unforeseen natural disaster) which means the best thing you can do is prepare your clients for when it does occur. IT providers should create a detailed DRP with their clients to ensure that processes and procedures are clear so that when downtime occurs, these can be followed to guarantee the quickest possible return to normal operations and data recovery from backups. This can include anything from giving staff members specific responsibilities to assigning roles to complete in the event of downtime.

Reliability through the cloud

Reliance on cloud infrastructure and offsite servers is growing, and this is not just down to the convenience and flexibility that it offers. It is also due to the security that it offers, as it provides more extensive and reliable backup abilities, including customer data, critical information, and it means that recovery time is often quicker if internal hardware becomes damaged or compromised. Setting your clients up to use a virtualised infrastructure offers them greater working flexibility whilst ensuring they have the highest availability systems, since they can still access data remotely and work from other devices if hardware is damaged and inaccessible.

Ongoing support and advice

IT is an area where your clients might need some guidance and support on an ongoing basis to iron out any issues and help them learn to use their systems in the most efficient way possible. Any good IT provider will be on hand to make changes to the network as demands change so that their clients can, in turn, provide the best services to their own customers.

Stretched with your resources?

If you’re an IT provider and you’re finding that your in-house resources are stretched to the maximum at the moment, Marathon offer a white-label service to carry out any requirements for your clients, whether implementing new systems or migrating them to the cloud. Engineers are also available if you don’t have the resources in house to provide support or setup for your clients, just give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000 to discuss your requirements. 

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