How can you fill your skills gap as an IT provider?

A skills gap occurs within the IT sector when there is a lack of specific resources around a particular area or skill. This can happen within separate IT businesses or as the IT sector as a whole. Marathon employs a wide range of skilled engineers who are experienced in a vast array of specialisms and skills, and are able to offer outsourced white-label services to IT providers looking to fill their internal skills gaps. So what is the need and why is it important?

Resource allocation within IT companies

Technology is constantly evolving and improving, and different engineers will have areas that they specialise in. This means that it can be tricky to ensure that there are always engineers available for upcoming projects that are able to cater to the timescale and requirements of the client.  The entire IT channel will have different resources within different companies, so sometimes there will be a skills gap.

Benefits of outsourcing

The way that many IT providers fill their skills gap is by outsourcing to specialised IT partners to the Channel. Close collaboration ensures that projects are delivered in a timely manner to high standards, and all on a white-label basis. This means that your customers don’t need to worry about trusting additional contractors, but engineers will function under your company. It gives full control to the contracted company as they can delegate as per the needs of the client and individual project.

Reliable, high quality IT services

One benefit of IT providers outsourcing to fill their skills gap is that they can rely on the fact that professionals can take care of the job to a high standard, who have also had experience with many other projects. This can extend to ongoing customer support, from setup to overall project delivery and follow up services.

Benefit from knowledge and consultancy

Designated Channel-only IT vendors are able to also offer consultancy and advice directly to your customers throughout the course of a project, since they will have deep knowledge and understanding of the processes and setup. This means that they can deal with customer enquiries and provide helpful information immediately, saving your company time and resources.

An extension of your team

The great thing about outsourcing to fill your skills gap is that it can all be done under your own brand. This means that your customers can benefit from additional skills and faster project delivery, and IT providers will gain extremely satisfied customers.

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